April 13, 2024

Banana. The favourite fruit of minions.

Bear in mind the ‘ba-ba-ba-nana’ music? I wager in case you stay on earth, you could have heard it at the very least as soon as. However, have you ever ever questioned, why they selected this fruit to sing a music about?

Let me let you know why. Banana isn’t a plain, boring, yellow-colored fruit, which most of us are certain of, that it’s! This fruit is available in many alternative shapes, sizes, and colours that you would be able to’t even think about.

If I let you know, that there are over 22 forms of Bananas that are completely different from one another, would you agree?

Although, all of them nonetheless have the identical bizarre form that makes everybody giggle.. (can’t assist it). However right now, it doesn’t matter what, I’ll enlighten your brains, with all of the styles of this superb, filling and creamy fruit that exists on this very planet-

1. Woman Finger Banana

Woman Finger Banana

📍 Origin-  Southeast Asia, Australia

Not like its title, it has nothing to do with Woman’s finger. The fruit is medium in dimension which is aromatic in nature and the flesh is good and actually scrumptious in style. 

2. Crimson Banana

Red Banana found in Central America
Crimson Banana

📍 Origin- West Indies and Central America

Do you see how lovely and wealthy the colour is? I’m in love with these bananas. Sadly, I haven’t tasted it but. However folks say that its flesh is cream to mild pink in colour which is tender and candy. And that these fruits have a slight mango taste, some have an earthy taste.

3. Gros Michel Banana

Gros Michel Banana found in Jamaica
Gros Michel Banana

📍 Origin- Martinique, Jamaica

These small and compact bananas are full of some sturdy banana flavors. The flesh is tender and immensely wealthy in texture. I suppose that’s why they eat plenty of banana desserts in Jamaica.

4. Blue Java Banana

Blue Java Banana found in Northern Australia
Blue Java Banana

📍 Origin- Southeast Asia right down to Northern Australia

The silvery blue coloured bananas have blown my thoughts. Although they develop into yellow once they ripen, however of their unripe state, they give the impression of being completely beautiful.  The distinctive factor about this banana is that it has an ice-cream like consistency and taste harking back to vanilla.

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5. Señorita Banana

Senorita Banana found in Philippines
Señorita Banana

📍 Origin- Philippines

These bananas are very small and stout. However don’t you get fooled by their look. These little beauties are recognized for being terribly candy. Nearly like sugar.

6. Dwarf Cavendish Banana

Dwarf Cavendish Banana found in Canary Islands
Dwarf Cavendish Banana

📍 Origin- Canary Islands

Dwarf Cavendish bananas are thin-skinned. However the fascinating factor concerning the fruit is that it has a style much like a candy apple. Yeah, a banana that tastes like a candy apple. I ain’t kidding.

7. Pisang Awak Banana

Pisang Awak Banana
Pisang Awak Banana

📍 Origin- Broadly Distributed

Although the fruit dimension is small, don’t suppose that it isn’t flavorful. These bananas are those you may need eaten as it’s discovered worldwide. So, yeah, you most likely know the style of it.

8. Rhino Horn Bananas

Rhino Horn Bananas found in Africa
Rhino Horn Bananas

📍 Origin- Africa

This banana is the longest fruit amongst bananas. And don’t ask why is it originating from Africa? Okay, simply don’t. LOL. Coming again to the fruit, it has a wealthy creamy flesh and tastes mildly candy.

9. Saba Banana

Saba Banana found in Philippines
Saba Banana

📍 Origin- Philippines

The style of those bananas from the Philippines may be very depending on the ripeness of the fruit. They arrive distinctively in squarish and angular shapes. The flesh is white and starchy and is right for cooking.

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10. Latundan Banana

Latundan Banana
Latundan Banana

📍 Origin- Philippines

These lovely wealthy yellow coloured bananas are small in dimension. However surprisingly, they’ve a barely acidic, apple-like taste to its flesh when it reaches the ripe state.

11. Grand Nain Banana

Grand Nain Banana found in south asia
Grand Nain Banana

📍 Origin- Southeast Asia

The green-colored banana nonetheless has a greenish hue when folks devour it. It has much less fats content material and may be very wholesome for breakfast functions.

12. Goldfinger Banana

Goldfinger Banana found in Central America
Goldfinger Banana

📍 Origin – Honduras, Central America

The compact and tiny fruit could also be small in dimension however has a really wealthy, creamy and easy flesh. It has a candy style and is used extensively within the dessert.

13. Karat Banana

Karat Banana or Pohnipei Banana
Karat Banana

📍 Origin- Pacific islands, Pohnpei and the Federated States of Micronesia

I do know this doesn’t even appear like a banana however belief me it’s. Although it is extremely small in dimension, you’ll be amazed to see that it has vivid orange flesh, which may be very wealthy in β-carotene. Even stranger, when cooked, this fruit tastes like strawberries.

14. Nanjanagud Banana

Nanjanagud Banana found in India
Nanjanagud Banana

📍 Origin- India

That is what I’m speaking about. Do you know this Indian-origin banana is known for its distinctive style and aroma? No, proper? Apparently, the fruit grows as much as the scale of 15 to twenty cm and has the richest texture which isn’t present in another number of bananas.

15. Manzano Banana

Manzano Banana found in Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico
Manzano Banana

📍 Origin: Tropical nations like Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico

An origin of the tropical space, Manzano is also referred to as ‘apple bananas’ that are tiny and plump and have thick peel and creamy flesh. It has a tangy and candy style like an apple in its uncooked kind. It features tropical notes of strawberry and pineapple because it ripens which tastes the very best. The perfect time to eat this banana is when it has darkish spots or it turns fully black.

16. Praying Arms Banana

Praying Hands Banana found in Indonesia
Praying Arms Banana

📍 Origin: Indonesia

The Banana’s look is the rationale for its title. When you look intently, you will see that the bananas appear like two palms joined collectively. Its look shouldn’t be the distinctive side, its flesh has bought a marshmallow-like texture which is fluffy outdoors and chewy inside. It’s mildly candy with a noticeable vanilla flavour.

17. Orinoco Banana

Orinoco Banana found in South America
Orinoco Banana

📍 Origin: South America

Orinoco Bananas have a tender and silky texture that it features upon maturity together with a fibrous core. It’s a starchy selection with a candy flavour which is most well-liked for use in cooking slightly than consuming uncooked. You’ll be able to put together a number of cuisines utilizing simply this one banana.

18. Fehi Banana

Fehi Banana found in New Guinea
Fehi Banana

📍 Origin: New Guinea

The craze for Fehi Banana might have been misplaced if it weren’t for scientific analysis that concluded that it has excessive ranges of carotenoids which are transformed to vitamin A when within the physique. These bananas have orange to purple pores and skin that yields yellow to orange flesh which is consumed both roasted or boiled.

19. Macho Plantain Banana

Macho Plantain Banana found in Florida
Macho Plantain Banana

📍 Origin: Florida

Macho Plantain Banana can style anyplace between deep candy and bitter style or typically it may be a mix of each. Uncooked banana is generally bland and intensely onerous to peel whereas it turns into sweeter and softer upon ripening. Individuals wish to saute it in butter or roast it on the grill to devour it.

20. Pisang Raja Banana

Pisang Raja Banana found in Indonesia
Pisang Raja Banana

📍 Origin: Indonesia

Additionally Often called Musa Belle banana, Pisang Raja is extraordinarily fashionable within the preparation of banana pancakes in Indonesia. Its mildly grainy-creamy texture and candy flavour make it the suitable match to reinforce the essential flavours of the pancake. You’ll be able to spot this banana by noticing that its pulp is darker and its pores and skin thick.

21. Barangan Banana

Barangan Banana found in Malaysia
Barangan Banana

📍 Origin: Malaysia

Barangan Bananas style the very best if consumed of their totally ripe stage when it provides a tropical candy and bitter flavour. It begins with a inexperienced peel which turns yellow adopted by an orange hue with black spots. This thick peel covers an ivory-coloured flesh that’s dense, tender and starchy in style.

22. Dwarf Jamaican Banana

Dwarf Jamaican Banana found in Asia
Dwarf Jamaican Banana

📍 Origin: Asia

The Dwarf Jamaican Banana is also referred to as the Cuban Crimson Banana because of the color of its peel. It has a Dwarf in its title because it doesn’t require you to get a ladder to reap it. Its engaging red-coloured fruit has creamy to pink flesh that provides a contemporary raspberry-like flavour that can be utilized in salads when uncooked and eaten as dessert when ripened.

So, the subsequent time you look down upon a ‘Banana’, you higher Na-Na. 

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