April 13, 2024

The start of the Hindu New Yr, which happens in spring, is marked by Chaitra Navratri. The three types of Goddess Shakti—Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga—are revered by her followers. The celebration or adoration of every manifestation of Goddess Shakti is noticed on every of the 9 nights. Throughout Chaitra Navratri, Goddess Shakti is worshipped in 9 totally different types.

On April 9, 2024, Chaitra Navratri, additionally known as Vasant Navratri, began. This nine-night Hindu celebration honours the goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Durga. These 9 days are dedicated to Mom Goddess Shakti and embrace rituals like mantra chanting, pujas, fasting, and different practices.

The Navratri celebration is especially vital. All through the nine-day celebration, adoration is obtainable to Goddess Durga and her 9 avatars; every day is dedicated to a unique manifestation of the Goddess.

Most followers select a lightweight sattvik food regimen and abstain from alcohol and non-vegetarian meals. Some folks observe a strict nine-day quick that entails solely vrat-approved meals. There are particular meals which might be consumed and a few meals that individuals chorus from all through these 9 days. 

The auspicious time for Kalash Sthapana falls between 11:57 AM and 12:48 PM on April 9, lasting 51 minutes.

Full Chaitra Navratri 2024 Schedule

Day 1 (April 9, 2024): Ghatasthapana/Pratipada Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Shailputri
Colour to put on: Gray
Choices: Kuttu ki Poori

Day 2 (April 10, 2024) : Dwitiya Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Brahmacharini
Colour to put on: The hue orange
Choices: Motichoor Laddoo 

Day 3 (April 11, 2024): Tritya Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Chandraghata
Colour to put on: White
Choices: Makhane ki kheer

Day 4 (April 12, 2024): Chaturthi Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Kushmanda
Colour to put on: Pink
Choices: Beetroot or Carrot juice

Day 5 (April 13, 2024): Panchami Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Skandamata
Colour to put on: Blue
Choices: Blueberry

Day 6 (April 14, 2024): Shasthi Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Katyani
Colour to put on: Pink
Choices: Rose Kulfi

Day 7 (April 15, 2024): Saptami Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Kaalratri
Colour to put on: Royal Blue
Choices: Coconut burfi 

Day 8 (April 16, 2024): Ashthami Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Mahagauri
Colour to put on: Yellow
Choices: Kesar ki kheer 

Day 9 (April 17, 2024): Navami Tithi

Worshipped Goddess: Mata Siddhidatri
Colour to put on: Inexperienced
Choices: Bottle gourd 

Meals to eat throughout Chaitra Navratri

  • Cereals and grains: Pseudo-grains could be eaten when fasting, identical to flour. Thus, vrat-special samak (barnyard millet) rice is used instead of typical rice. Furthermore, buckwheat and Amarnath are ceaselessly used to organize dishes for Navratri, comparable to khichdi, tikki, and laddoo.
  • Salt & Spices: In the course of the Navratri quick, one can eat sendha namak, or rock salt, in addition to spices like cumin, clove, and cinnamon, amongst others. Spices are essential for regulating blood sugar and levels of cholesterol. Additionally they have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, regulate urge for food, and stop temper swings.
  • Flours: Regular refined flours needs to be averted through the Navratri quick. As a substitute, vrat-friendly poori, roti, tikki, and cheela are made utilizing flours like buckwheat (kuttu) and water chestnut (singhara).
  • Fruits: Fruits of each type are acceptable throughout Navratri. Fruits could be eaten entire, juiced, blended with milk to kind shakes, or added to desserts or smoothie bowls with hanging curd.
  • Greens: Sattvik veggies, which don’t trigger warmth within the physique, are favoured through the Navratri quick. A few of the frequent veggies eaten embrace potatoes, pumpkin, tomato, bottled gourd, carrots, lemons, yam, arbi, and spinach. 
  • Milk and Milk-Associated Merchandise: You’ll be able to drink milk straight up or make it into quite a lot of shakes and smoothies. Use pure sugar substitutes like jaggery, honey, dates, or stevia you probably have diabetes. To keep away from abdomen points throughout fasting and to keep up a excessive degree of power, one can attempt to incorporate curd, yogurt, chaach (buttermilk), or raitas of their meals. Just a few drops of ghee are crucial throughout your quick because it helps to maintain you happy. Paneer have to be part of one’s protein consumption for fullness and to stop starvation sensations.
  • Nuts and dry fruits: Nuts and dry fruits are an integral part of your Navratri food regimen as a result of they’re a wealthy supply of proteins, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Throughout fasting, add a handful of walnuts, almonds, dates, pistachios, and raisins for a dietary enhance to your physique.

Meals to keep away from throughout Chaitra Navratri

  1. All forms of pulses and legumes, together with dals, are forbidden through the Navratri quick.
  2. Alcohol and any non-vegetarian meals should not be consumed by devotees who’re conserving the Navratri quick.
  3. Common flour, together with wheat, refined flour, rice flour, corn flour, and sooji, isn’t allowed to be consumed.
  4. Desk salt, onions, and garlic are utterly forbidden through the Navaratri quick and likewise trigger warmth, thus they have to not be used within the meals served to those that are following the quick.
  5. It’s endorsed to steer clear of sizzling spices like heeng, methi dana, dhaniya, and garam masala.

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